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Dave Jennings

From the Blue Line to the SKYLINE, Dave retired after 21 years in law enforcement to chase his dream of building a business from the ground up. His love of homes and the logistics of buying and selling property fuels his passion for real estate. His gregarious personality and enthusiasm are contagious while his dedication to his TEAM, clients and attention to detail keep transactions flowing smoothly. When not in the office, he can often be found on his mountain bike or at the local CrossFit box.

Sara Bednarik

Sara is a KC transplant born in the Keystone State. Eye contact and honest conversation rank among the highest assets in this agent’s mind, and as such, she’s a practitioner of old-fashioned “face time” whenever possible. Prior to earning her real estate license, A graduate from Rutgers University, she studied Ecology and Natural Resources. A nearly-obsessive organizer, Sara knows well that a structured process and open dialogue will always land on first-class results.

Cindy Holst

Cindy runs officially as the proverbial keeper of the SKYLINE. She also runs as far as 26 miles from time to time. She’s amassed a vast knowledge of industry jargon and the contractual minutiae that accompany each and every home transaction. Quite simply Cindy is more than capable of calmly navigating clients through the sometimes-turbulent waters of the home-buying or -selling process. That she does so with unfailing poise and a smile…well, that’s just the icing on this tried-and-true cake..

Shawnett Bricker

Shawnett is a native of our good city and a firm believer in its many fine ‘properties.’ To that, we say, “welcome to the SKYLINE.” Now a seasoned agent, she once spent time as a listing coordinator and buying agent. Later, she became director of operations, and her accolades began pouring in after just two years in the business. Shawnett brandishes a degree in business with an emphasis on marketing and sales, but it’s her adept communication skills and real-estate specific savvy that we find irresistible around here. We think you might be inclined to agree.

Our Newest Member

We are excited and hope you are too. We just cannot give all the details yet!

Our next newest member

Nope. Cannot give it away here either!

Nathan Sheets

Nate Sheets is an avid student of photography, though the grand majority of images represented throughout our advertising universe would suggest he’s learned plenty already. Sans Nate’s efforts at the SKYLINE, we’d be all talk: as our resident photographer, he snaps the overwhelming majority of those photos that keep you scrolling eagerly through the many websites and pages we use to sell our client’s homes. We’ll be sure to thank him for you.

Heather Collinsworth

Heather proudly runs Paper Birch Landing, serving as Art Director. The mission of Paper Birch Landing is to showcase and highlight emerging and mid-level career artists along with providing the community a place to buy local art, take classes and enjoy the arts! Heather is an art director for the KC Skyline real estate team, Spa on Penn, IWerx, Jensen Chiropractic and Opal and Orchid Hair Studio. Through her off site art direction, she helps give artists additional venues to showcase and sell their work – along with providing networking opportunities. Heather is a facilitator with Guildt and a board member with Northtown Arts Coalition. Heather curates the walls of the botique SKYLINE office.
Visitors not in the know frequently ask “is this an art gallery?” With Heather’s work, the answer is…kinda

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I was born the 7th son of a 7th son during a full moon with dogs howling.

And now something completely different.

Jim Turner has been in the furnishings industry since 1985 and consults with clients through Interior Landscapes, 2121 Central Street at the southwest corner of the Stuart Hall building at 22nd and Central. Interior design, specifications, artwork and furniture are all part of what Jim does. Their website is
Jim can be reached at 816 560 0241 or by email at